Ferrari Logo Anlamı

Ferrari LogoThe Ferrari logo consists of a symbol of ‘Prancing Horse’ on a yellow back ground, usually with the letters SF. SF stands for Scuderia Ferrari. The Ferrari logo is well known and well recognized by all and especially the fans of motor car racing.

The name of Ferrari and its Logo bring to our mind emotion that we feel about speed and sports cars.

In 1940 Enzo Ferrari inherited the prancing horse badge for World War One’s legendary ace of Italian Air Force Count Francesco Baracca.

Ferrari Logo History
The Prancing Horse was a symbol used by Count Francesco Baracca, who was an ace fighter pilot of Italian Air Force during World War 1. He died young, fighting fearlessly. He was shot down after 34 dual and team victories.

Count Francesco Baracca used the Prancing Horse symbol at the sides of his plane. On June 17, 1923 Enzo Ferrari met Baracca’s mother Countess Paolina, after winning a race at Savio track in Ravenna.

Countess Paolina suggested that Enzo should use the symbol of prancing horse, as it would bring good luck. It was not until 1940, that Enzo Ferrari began to use the symbol, which later on became the part of the world famous Ferrari logo.

Symbol of prestige

Enzo Ferrari, used the symbol of the horse on his cars. He added yellow background and alphabets SF to the Ferrari logo. Since then whatever happened is history.